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( May. 1st, 2030 10:38 pm)
Hi and welcome to CodeBlue, the DW I use to post my tech help.

As I am more than a bit of a geek, and because I like to fiddle around and test out every feature possible, I find that I am often asked for help with how to do things.  So I figured a central place to archive all that stuff would be an excellent idea, especially so I can send people here if they ask the same questions ^_^

So take a look around.  I hope you find something useful!
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( May. 2nd, 2009 01:46 pm)
Ok, well, I'll start off by saying that the LJ/DW cuts are rather finicky and sometimes I have to play around with them for a while to get them to work.

But anyways here's what you do:

In 'post an entry', type what you want to appear in the uncut part of the entry first (I find this to be easier than trying to do it after). Then to add the cut, click where you want it to go, then click on the icon that looks like a few lines of text above a squiggle.

A popup window should come up. That's where you type what you want the link to say. After clicking 'ok' the box should disappear, leaving a colored box in your post. Whatever you put in the box is the part that will be cut.

Now if you're just typing the stuff in, you shouldn't have any problems. But if you're cutting and pasting stuff in (like I do with stories), I've found it to sometimes have problems, where the cut gets deleted. I've found that it works best to highlight the placeholder text in the box and replace it with a space, and then paste my content in after the space.

Also, when putting in something long, it kind of looks like the box has disappeared, when it really hasn't (that's why it's so tricky, lol). So I've found the best way to make sure it worked is just posting, and then checking your LJ/DW to make sure it worked XD If not, well, I usually just try it again until it does, lol.
Ok, so what you want to do:

In the normal post reply window, click on the icon that says 'html'.  A new window should pop up.  This is where you can type html code in and have it work :D

So the code bit: The way you want to think of html is like a sandwich- a filling with ends on either side.  Every command has a beginning and an end, and whatever's between the two will be affected.  Commands themselves are enclosed in carrots: < >.  For paragraphs, the 'command' is the letter p, so to start the paragraph you type <p>.  Then you type the text of your paragraph. To end the paragraph, you type </p>.  Slashes always signal the ending command.  When you want a new paragraph, you simply repeat this process.

So, for example, if I wanted my post to look like this:

    Hello world

    I like cookies

I would type this into the popup window:

    <p>Hello world</p> <p>I like cookies</p>

When you're finished creating your masterpiece of a post, click update at the bottom of the window. You should return to the normal reply posting screen.  Then click post, and hopefully you'll have paragraphs!

So I hope this helps you with your tale of technological woe :D  And, as a side note, the formula I showed you for html works for everything else too.  If for example you want to bold something, simply replace the 'p's with 'b's. ^_^


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